Membership can really pay-off!


Like many things in our lives, your membership only gives back what you put into it!

Joining a gym, exercise group or a membership chiropractic practice is a great step to improving your health however,  just joining is not enough.  If you are not utilizing your membership(you know who you are) you are not getting much back!  Dr. Lunde set out to provide affordable chiropractic care through the membership practice so everyone could be treated like a family member!  Chiropractic wellness care allows your brain and body to communicate through a healthy nervous system. If you are not utilizing your membership or not including all of your family members you are missing the greatest benefit of chiropractic care.

This  is a friendly reminder so YOU can make a new commitment to your health by supporting a properly functioning nervous system. Get adjusted weekly!

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The Five (5) Factors of Health

I would like to present to you five very important factors of a health life from a chiropractic perspective. They are not in any particular order. We can probably come up with more categories. Many, however, would be sub-categories which would fall under the main five.

*Number One: Nutrition. You are what you eat, or so you’ve heard. But there is truth to this infamous expression. Everything you decide to eat is converted to living tissue, or it is discarded. So yes, what you eat is extremely important. The body needs proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. There is a lot of good material out there and counselors. Take advantage and just start with the basics.

*Number Two:  Exercise. Our bodies are composed of living things. Movement and motion are key principles to life. Our bodies are designed to work and to work hard. It has the inherent or innate capacity to adapt and to heal. We need to exercise. Exercise keeps the juices moving. It enhances our circulation, immune system, aids digestion, improves sleep, and so on. Make it simple – a 10 minute walk done on a consistent basis will do wonders. Exercising can be anything from weightlifting to tai chi.

*Number three: Rest. Sleep and relaxation. We all need it. Our bodies need to recuperate. Tissues and cells need to be maintained and repaired. It’s during sleep that our bodies get the chance they need to repair and revitalize.

*Number Four: A Positive Mental Attitude. This is more important than most people know. Believe me, I know it’s a challenge to stay positive, especially since life is busy and stressful at times. Our thoughts are much more powerful than you can imagine. There are books written and studies being done that show how thought affects body chemistry. That means that our cells are affected in a positive way by powerful positive loving thoughts. WOW! Powerful stuff. Some of you may have a problem with this concept. Here’s a daily example. Have you ever been embarrassed? What happens? Our face may tend to turn red and we blush. An obvious example of cell biology changing with thoughts.

*Number Five: Regular Chiropractic Care. You knew I had to add chiropractic to the list. It’s NOT about your back; it’s about your LIFE! Chiropractic will keep your nervous system free from interference. A good nerve supply will not only keep the body working better, but it will also increase the benefits that you receive from all of the other health raising activities listed above!

Choose a membership practice  like N8 Health Lunde Chiropractic that allows you to fit your care, to your schedule….

Please take the time to share this information with someone who you believe could benefit from regular chiropractic care, together we can make a difference in someone’s life!

Five Reasons to Choose a Chiropractic Membership Practice



1.  Convenience – Most Membership Practices run on a “walk-in” basis.  Because you don’t need an appointment, you work your visits to the chiropractor into YOUR schedule instead of working your schedule around your appointment.  Our job is to simplify your life and help you de-stress NOT to further complicate it.

2.  Simple Fees – One of the key features of a Membership Practice is predictable fees.  Most Membership Practices offer unlimited visits at a fixed fee, making the cost of regular chiropractic care predictable and affordable.  Simpler fees make third-party reimbursement unnecessary, even obsolete.

3.  Privacy Rights – Because insurance is not involved in a Membership Practice, you never need to worry about your information being reported to an insurance clearing house.  Many people have experienced problems with information reported to agencies like the credit bureau or Medical Information Bureau.

4.  More and Better Service – Because the focus is on YOU and not your insurance company, you get exactly what you need and exactly what a chiropractor is REALLY trained to offer, the chiropractic adjustment.  Your time is not wasted on treatments or therapies that may not be needed, but are covered by insurance.  Because the membership chiropractor’s focus IS the adjustment, you tend to get better adjustments AND you get in and out quicker, saving you time and money.

5.  No Conflicts of Interest – Because your relationship is with the chiropractor, and the chiropractor’s relationship is SOLELY with you AND because the amount you pay your chiropractor is FIXED, you never have to wonder if his/her recommendations are for YOUR benefit OR their student loan or new car payment.  With the membership you KNOW that the Dr’s recommendation is based on YOUR need and NOT their need.

A chiropractor that has chosen to offer a Membership Practice, has done so to help more people by providing ONLY chiropractic care at an affordable price and in a way that makes your life more simple and powerful.

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How your body works!


Everything in life requires organization in order to exist. From the smallest atom to the tiniest amoeba, to the sprouting plant bud, to the enormous blue whale, everything has a certain structure and function necessary to survive.

A neuron in your central nervous system.  A true LIFE LINE!

A neuron in your central nervous system. A true LIFE LINE!


Here is an easy example to show how important this organization is…

Say you decided to go to the park to have a picnic. You get in your car, drive to the park, and walk up to the picnic tables fully expecting your friends, family, and a lot of food to be there. Instead, the picnic tables are completely barren. You are alone….without a trace of food.  You expected a picnic… what happened?

There was no organization. What you needed to do was call your family and friends, organize the picnic for noon saturday at the local park, delegate someone to bring sandwiches, someone else to bring potato salad, someone else to bring the chips and dip, etc. Organizing the picnic will fulfill your expectations of company and food when you arrive at the park Saturday at noon.

Your body also has an organization to it. In fact, the human body has the most perfect organization in history. However, the human body didn’t simply organize itself. If it didn’t happen with the picnic, it certainly won’t happen with something as complex as the human body.

chest wallThis is where Innate Intelligence enters the equation. Innate Intelligence is what began organizing your body once that one sperm fertilized the egg. Innate Intelligence is what created your heart cells, organized them into the heart, and placed it just left of center in your chest,  your lungs on either side of the heart and your esophagus in the center of the chest cavity. A perfectly designed rib cage to protect those vital organs from damage. Next, to stabilize that rib cage, is a series of ligaments, tendons, and muscles over, under, and in-between each rib. Intricately woven through the muscle fibers that stabilize the rib cage are various intercostal nerves. And to cover it all up, protecting everything from the harsh realities of the outside environment, is a layer of skin.


Could any of us design these precisely placed structures better than Innate Intelligence? I know I couldn’t.

Innate Intelligence is what makes our heart beat approximately 60-80 beats per minute. It is what makes our lungs take 12-16 breaths each minute. It makes our esophagus move chewed food down into our stomachs. Innate Intelligence is what causes your metabolism to burn off excess fat that it has no use for when you exercise. Innate Intelligence is what makes my children’s baby teeth fall out to make room for their emerging adult teeth.

All these functions occur without us having an awareness they are even occurring. Could you remember to make your body do all those tasks every second of every minute of every hour of every day? Of course not. These few functions are the tip of a gigantic iceberg of functions we can’t even begin to fathom.

It is vital to these intricate systems that your brain and your body be able to freely communicate…  That is where I come in…with regular chiropractic adjustments your body can better handle the physical, emotional and chemical stresses we come in contact with every day.

By regularly removing interference, vertebral subluxation, we are opening communication allowing you body to express (without interference) your innate intelligence.

Your body’s Innate Intelligence has five essential properties that allow it to control every aspect of your body without your conscious knowledge. They are survival, adaptation, reproduction, replication, and healing. We’ll begin discussing the first of these five properties in my next POST!

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WOW! Vertebral Subluxation, what a mouth full.

This is a term that we use in our office all the time, most of the time we shorten it to “Subluxations” (pronounced /sub·lux·a·tion/ (sub″luk-sa´shun)). So What are vertebral subluxations and why do we feel it is so important for you to learn about them? Vertebral Subluxations are a really simple concept and I’m sure you will catch on quickly.subluxation

Subluxations occur when two or more vertebrae (spinal bones) move out of proper alignment, lose their proper bio-mechanics (not moving properly) and interfere with the nerves and spinal cord that are in close proximity.  Three things cause subluxations physical stress, emotional stress, and chemical stress.  We are all exposed to these stresses in different amounts everyday.

You are probably thinking, “So what does all that mean?” It is really simple, every cell, tissue and organ in your body is controlled by your Central Nervous System (CNS) which is made up of your Brain and Spinal Cord. The CNS is the main information pathway for your body and thus 100% proper communication is vital for optimal health and performance. The CNS is surrounded by hard bone; your brain is surrounded by your skull and your spinal cord is surrounded by move-able spinal bones called vertebrae. When your skull and vertebrae are in proper alignment (not misaligned) your CNS is protected. However, when your vertebrae and skull are misaligned, there is an interference with your CNS communication or as we tell patients a failure for your brain and body to communicate .

An example would be that recent cell phone conversation you had with a friend, you remember, the one  that was broken up by a poor connection. Remember how frustrated you were when the call dropped or you only partially hear what is being said.  You might even miss an important meeting because of the lack of communication.  Imagine how damaging these effects can be in the proper function of your body. I am sure we will agree, the easier and clearer the information travels from your brain to the rest of your body and from your body back to your brain, the better your body will function.

The fact of the matter is that vertebral subluxations interfere with your expression of innate intelligence which is LIFE. That is why it is so important that you and everyone you know get their spines checked by the only trained professional that can detect and correct Vertebral Subluxations – your Family Chiropractor.

Dr. Shawn Lunde is a Chillicothe Chiropractor who checks kids, athletes, pregnant moms and families for Vertebral Subluxations and uses a gentle spinal adjustment technique that is custom tailored to patients of any age or size. He will be happy to get you connected with Chiropractor in your area that is trained to detect and correct vertebral subluxations. Get Checked Today!