The Five (5) Factors of Health

I would like to present to you five very important factors of a health life from a chiropractic perspective. They are not in any particular order. We can probably come up with more categories. Many, however, would be sub-categories which would fall under the main five.

*Number One: Nutrition. You are what you eat, or so you’ve heard. But there is truth to this infamous expression. Everything you decide to eat is converted to living tissue, or it is discarded. So yes, what you eat is extremely important. The body needs proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. There is a lot of good material out there and counselors. Take advantage and just start with the basics.

*Number Two:  Exercise. Our bodies are composed of living things. Movement and motion are key principles to life. Our bodies are designed to work and to work hard. It has the inherent or innate capacity to adapt and to heal. We need to exercise. Exercise keeps the juices moving. It enhances our circulation, immune system, aids digestion, improves sleep, and so on. Make it simple – a 10 minute walk done on a consistent basis will do wonders. Exercising can be anything from weightlifting to tai chi.

*Number three: Rest. Sleep and relaxation. We all need it. Our bodies need to recuperate. Tissues and cells need to be maintained and repaired. It’s during sleep that our bodies get the chance they need to repair and revitalize.

*Number Four: A Positive Mental Attitude. This is more important than most people know. Believe me, I know it’s a challenge to stay positive, especially since life is busy and stressful at times. Our thoughts are much more powerful than you can imagine. There are books written and studies being done that show how thought affects body chemistry. That means that our cells are affected in a positive way by powerful positive loving thoughts. WOW! Powerful stuff. Some of you may have a problem with this concept. Here’s a daily example. Have you ever been embarrassed? What happens? Our face may tend to turn red and we blush. An obvious example of cell biology changing with thoughts.

*Number Five: Regular Chiropractic Care. You knew I had to add chiropractic to the list. It’s NOT about your back; it’s about your LIFE! Chiropractic will keep your nervous system free from interference. A good nerve supply will not only keep the body working better, but it will also increase the benefits that you receive from all of the other health raising activities listed above!

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Please take the time to share this information with someone who you believe could benefit from regular chiropractic care, together we can make a difference in someone’s life!

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